An Environmental Strategy Firm

Outreach and Engagement

Our approach to engaging stakeholders has proven that development apprehension can be transitioned into opportunities for creative solutions that provide good economic, environmental and social outcomes through your project.

Issues Identification and Management

Taking a strategic, proactive approach to reviewing and identifying new opportunities, or identifying risk in the context of external perceptions, the EcoLogix Group puts our clients ahead of an issue. 

Organizational Capacity Building

By providing organizational analysis and subject matter expertise, we can enhance our client’s ability to address the issues at hand in the short term and to expand their capacity to manage issues over the long term. 
Established in 2001, EcoLogix Group is an Environmental Strategy firm helping clients achieve challenging organizational and project goals. We specialize in managing impacts of physical development projects, helping to incorporate solutions that appropriately respond to concerns about project impacts in ways that save our clients time and money while producing better project outcomes. We embrace the challenge of helping our clients balance the fiscal and schedule needs of a project with meaningful public engagement and opportunity for environmental improvement.

With our deep experience in project management, facilitation, regulatory analysis and legislative processes, EcoLogix Group often becomes an extension of staff for a finite period of time during a project phase with which assistance is needed. We are most effective when engaged in time to ensure open dialogue between you as the project sponsor and all stakeholders interested in the project. This will enable your project to proceed on schedule and within budget, avoiding both delays in the environmental review process and unanticipated costs.

We will determine how your activities affect your customers or stakeholders and will develop a strategy to promote a successful outcome. We will engage, coordinate and inform to help you deliver a successful project.


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