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Coke Point Dredged Material Containment Facility

Relating to a proposed Dredged Material Containment Facility on the site of a former steelmaking property in Baltimore County, Maryland, EcoLogix Group performs the following functions: 
  • Develops and maintains comprehensive and ongoing engagement of external stakeholders as a way to keep the client informed and connected on all aspects of external considerations about the proposed project. 
  • Provides comprehensive project management services on behalf of the client.
  • Supported the effective public release of a health risk assessment relating to the sediments and surface waters surrounding the site. 

EcoLogix Group works to ensure that all appropriate stakeholders (including community, environmental, NGO and local government representatives) are identified and included in the outreach effort. Our approach maintains contact at the neighborhood level and ensures a sustained exchange of information and ideas between our client and external stakeholders through formal meetings as well as informal contact.

EcoLogix speaks the language of the community. Citizens engaged in the public process bring a wide range of backgrounds and experiences to the table. Some have no understanding of technical matters, while others are well versed in the language of science and engineering. Our role is to ensure that information is easily obtained and just as easily understood by citizens.

The foundation of our success has been transparency and trust. By assisting our client in understanding not only the issues about which the community cares, but why they care, we have been able to help the client become more sensitive to concerns such as viewsheds; local recreational and commercial fishing and crabbing impacts; and future uses of the property. Our systematic analysis of stakeholder issues has helped the client maintain schedules, while addressing a variety of issues which might have delayed the project and added unanticipated costs if not understood early in the design process. 
Chris Correale, Principal
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